These are the hallmarks of Narr Construction, a family business that has been in operation for two generations. Owner and President, Greg Narr grew up in the business, and his father and brother are active in the company today.

There's a Narr on every job site, every day, Greg Narr is proud to say, and it is this personal approach that leads to satisfied customers.

“I understand the building process top to bottom,” he explained, “and I work directly with every client from design to completion. We bring an added dimension to building a home – advising clients of the options they have and helping them get the best value for their money.”

Informed and involved. Greg Narr makes sure each client stays that way throughout the home building process. “I sit in on all client meetings at the decorator’s showroom,” says Narr. “The client and I select all the materials together and I personally price all the changes for them. Our goal is to keep our clients as informed as possible so they spend their money as wisely as possible.”

Of course, a promise to deliver a superior level of customer care will ultimately ring hollow unless and until the last nail is pounded in correctly. “There are only a few builders out there who can execute the finishing of a home the way we can,” says Narr. “Our crew of carpenters has been with us for years. If they notice anything wrong, they'll take the time to correct it, no matter what needs to be torn apart.”

Narr builds primarily in the western part of the Twin Cities metro area, focusing on 4 to 5 projects a year. His annual Luxury Home Tour entries reflect the quality and attention to detail Narr brings to his building projects.